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It looks like Obama and I have something in common. We had both put down Stonehenge on our bucket list. And we went there within the same week too! It was a dream come true and an old dream at … finish reading Stonehenge

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My New Book

My new book “Sri Aurobindo and the Cripps Mission” is finally out. This is a collection of essays and documents which show the various sides of the story of how Sir Stafford Cripps brought a proposal to India from the … finish reading My New Book

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Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Se

It took me months to get hold of a DVD of this film and that fact alone shows how badly it did commercially because in India DVD piracy is a fact of life. You can get a DVD copy of … finish reading Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Se

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Alexandra David-Neel

What a week this has been! I have been on the sets of the of the forthcoming film based on the life of Alexandra David-Neel. The role of the traveller, writer and seeker of Truth is being played by Dominique … finish reading Alexandra David-Neel

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New Book: Following in Their Footsteps

Only two weeks have passed since my second book came out but it feels as if it has been longer than that. “Following in Their Footsteps” is the fruit of nearly ten years of work- travelling, reading, writing, checking details … finish reading New Book: Following in Their Footsteps

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The Carmen Blacker Lecture

Yesterday we went to the British Museum to attend a talk given by Donald Keene on Carmen Blacker organised by the Japan Foundation. The lecture hall was packed even though it was a talk about a relatively unknown person. Obviously … finish reading The Carmen Blacker Lecture

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Portuguese Governor’s Mansion, Pondicherry

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New Book

At long last and after much effort my first book is out. It’s a collection of my essays which came out in The Golden Chain. The text was already written but the experience of actually getting the book published and … finish reading New Book

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Sir Stafford Cripps

All human knowledge is like a jigsaw puzzle. At first you know only a few things and by and by you add other bits of information because they connect with what you already know. It is a moment of great … finish reading Sir Stafford Cripps

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