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Why India will never be a superpower

While everyone is thinking that India is surging ahead and will soon be a country of great economic prosperity the view from my window tells me that it will never be that. Days after the cyclone that hit Pondicherry there … finish reading Why India will never be a superpower

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This too is India

I wrote some time back about an incident which showed one of the things that is wrong in our country. Now I have to set the balance right by speaking about the positive things that exist side by side in … finish reading This too is India

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This is India!

In 2008, while I was in London, my mother was living alone in Pondicherry. One night while she was walking home alone two men came from behind on a motorcycle and the one who was sitting behind snatched my mother’s … finish reading This is India!

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New Year Kolam

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Rain-making in Orissa

I am in Sambalpur now, in Western Orissa. The temperature on 21st June was 47 degrees. The water level in the Hirakud dam is dangerously low and so there is very little electricity. 47 degrees and power cuts. Things can’t … finish reading Rain-making in Orissa

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Book Review

LEFTIST THOUGHT IN INDIAN CINEMA, by Lalit Mohan Joshi There is something almost infectious about Lalit Mohan Joshi’s enthusiasm for meaningful Indian cinema. He radiates a passion for cinema that anybody who has ever sat before a cinema screen can … finish reading Book Review

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Girish Karnad

Last night there was a talk at the Nehru Centre given by Girish Karnad. This was the first time that the Ravi Dayal memorial lectures were being held and so to a large extent the purpose was to acquaint the … finish reading Girish Karnad

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