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My new publication

After long months of preparations – sitting at the press overseeing the typesetting, correcting proofs and planning the cover – my new publication is out. This book is a totally new experience for me as this time I am not … finish reading My new publication

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New Book: Following in Their Footsteps

Only two weeks have passed since my second book came out but it feels as if it has been longer than that. “Following in Their Footsteps” is the fruit of nearly ten years of work- travelling, reading, writing, checking details … finish reading New Book: Following in Their Footsteps

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New Book

At long last and after much effort my first book is out. It’s a collection of my essays which came out in The Golden Chain. The text was already written but the experience of actually getting the book published and … finish reading New Book

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The Mother in Japan II

Going to a place a second time can never be like the first. The novelty of the first visit can not be repeated because the first impressions have an intensity that one can never find again. A second visit to … finish reading The Mother in Japan II

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On ‘Prayers & Meditations’

Just as a place has a history, just as a person has a story, so too a book can have a history of its own. Mother’s ‘Prayers and Meditations’ is one such book which has many interesting details associated with … finish reading On ‘Prayers & Meditations’

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