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It looks like Obama and I have something in common. We had both put down Stonehenge on our bucket list. And we went there within the same week too! It was a dream come true and an old dream at … finish reading Stonehenge

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Alexandra David-Neel: the film

At last, we had the much-awaited screening of the film on Alexandra David-Neel’s journey to Lhasa. Although it was held very quietly this was actually the very first screening anywhere in the world. For a long time we had thought … finish reading Alexandra David-Neel: the film

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New Book: Following in Their Footsteps

Only two weeks have passed since my second book came out but it feels as if it has been longer than that. “Following in Their Footsteps” is the fruit of nearly ten years of work- travelling, reading, writing, checking details … finish reading New Book: Following in Their Footsteps

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This time I came to London with Qatar Airways. It was clearly a change from the journey which I used to make earlier with Srilankan, passing through Colombo. Instead of the lush green coconut trees which I could see all … finish reading Doha

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London City Airport

Last weekend we went to Scotland. We were at the London City Airport on Friday evening. It was the second time we were taking a flight out of this small but comfortable airport. The DLR stop is just yards away … finish reading London City Airport

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