London City Airport

Last weekend we went to Scotland. We were at the London City Airport on Friday evening. It was the second time we were taking a flight out of this small but comfortable airport. The DLR stop is just yards away from the entrance and once you are there, you are only steps away from the escalator that takes you to the security check. If you have checked in online all you have to do is go to the lounge on the upper floor. As we discovered during our last trip, the ground floor is nothing compared to the facilities and the shopping outlets on the first floor. The most attractive features are the relaxing chairs and the good news is that there are a very large number of them. One can also sit at the far end, just near the large glass panes and see the planes take off on the runway. In fact, there is a narrow table there which allows passengers to put their laptops on it and work while they wait. There are sockets on the panel where you can plug your laptop and work undisturbed. The airport is small but compact and everything is just a few steps away.



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