This time I came to London with Qatar Airways. It was clearly a change from the journey which I used to make earlier with Srilankan, passing through Colombo. Instead of the lush green coconut trees which I could see all around the airport, this time I saw kilometres and kilometres of sand everywhere. This has an austere beauty which is striking. The service on Qatar is above average and their inflight entertainment has a very wide range of films.

The airport at Doha, however, is small and has very little to offer by way of food and drinks. There are a few phone booths but the phone cards are expensive and there are no instructions in English.

One of the most positive things about taking Qatar Airways to come from India to the UK is that you have to change planes at Doha. This gives you the time to stretch your legs before taking the second flight. You arrive in London less tired than if you had taken one long 12-hour flight.

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