Blue Plaque

It was something that we will all remember for a long time. After all, we had been waiting for this moment for six years. At 2.30 this afternoon a blue plaque marking one of the houses where Sri Aurobindo had lived in London was unveiled. It was here, at 49 St. Stephen’s Avenue, that he had lived with his brothers under the care of Mrs. Drewett while he was a pupil at St.Paul’s School. It is quite possible that they occupied the entire house although today the property is divided into flats.

The proposal for this blue plaque was sent in 2001 by Giles, my husband, and we had to patiently wait for English Heritage to take the decision and go through the various stages of this lengthy process before the final date of unveiling could be chosen.

However, today we felt it was worth the time and trouble that Giles had to put in as we saw the plaque finally in place. The skies were kind and there was clear sunshine as we stood outside this historic house and spent a few moments together. Not only were there devotees from all the centres but also those people from English Heritage who had been involved in this project along with a few local representatives. There was an atmosphere of joyous concentration as well as pride in our hearts that the Master had been recognised and honoured in the city where he grew up.

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