Sri Aurobindo at Cambridge

Here are Sri Aurobindo’s own famous words which reveal something about himself and more particularly how he was conscious of his purpose in life right from his early youth.

“I know I have the strength to deliver this fallen race. It is not physical strength, – I am not going to fight with sword or gun, – but the strength of knowledge. The power of Kshatriya is not the only one; there is also the strength of the Brahmin, the power that is founded on knowledge. This feeling is not new to me, it is not of today. I was born with it, it is in my very marrow. God sent me to earth to accomplish this great mission. The seed began to sprout when I was fourteen; by the time I was eighteen the roots of the resolution had grown firm and unshakable.”

So, the question that rises in our minds is “Where was Sri Aurobindo when he was eighteen?” He was at Cambridge, actually. This clue is enough to make us want to go there and see for ourselves this very special place, only a short train ride to the north of London. It was in the summer of 2004 but it is still so clear in my memory.


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