The Olympic Games

I have been watching the Olympic Games on television nearly all day. It’s more than watching some athletes or divers competing. It’s more like watching the whole world taking a step forward on the spiral ramp of evolution.

The entire planet is connected in this great event. We are looking at human beings who are competing against each other but also against the limits of the possible. When a world record is broken we feel that we have all won. We are also going forward in our perception of each other.

It is amazing to see the women who are competing in every category. We have gone from achievement to achievement. How can anyone think of women any more as weak and helpless creatures? The track events are dominated by the blacks – the fastest man and the fastest woman are blacks – and that will certainly make many look at them in a different light.

These sportsmen and women are right now the role models for millions of young people. For once the fashion models, the rock stars and the film stars are in the background and we have on centre-stage those who have really worked hard to achieve something – taking the human body towards greater strength and perfection in movements – that makes them global icons.

It is wonderful to see how our desire to feel victorious over nations can be fulfilled through sports.

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