Kew Gardens, London





We visited Kew Gardens and enjoyed seeing the glasshouses which had tropical plants. Suddenly we were in the middle of gardens which reminded us of India. The smells and colours were all so familiar.

In fact, I was quite surprised to see so many Indians in Kew Gardens. It seems to be on the Indian tourists’ list of things to see in London. This is of course for the wealthy tourist because the entry ticket to Kew costs £13.

At the end of our visit we saw the temporary gallery (the Shirley Shirwood Collection) which is quite near the exit. On display were exquisite botanical paintings. It’s easy to miss the gallery if one doesn’t know about it. All the paintings are very skilfully executed and there is such a strong atmosphere of peace in the gallery that even if one is not interested in art one can still enjoy being there.

I would recommend it to everyone. Art and nature go very well together.

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