The Bridge of Love

One more love story? Aren’t all love stories alike? Maybe. But this one is different.

Pondicherry is a unique place in the world. It has beautiful villas by the sea and white church against a blue sky. But it also has many communities which live side by side but rarely mix. In spite of this situation there are some people who do find companions and friends in the communities that are not theirs. The charming “white town” area is still visually a delight and in my novel this part of the town hides a secret. It is a growing love story between a French man and an Indian woman.

They are from such different cultures that they have to firstly find a common ground to even have something to talk about. How can one live together if one has different ways of living?

But the world is evolving and now there is something that can be called “a global culture”. There are things that we all experience, a certain kind of education that we all go through.

Even if we do find a common ground can we still have other differences?

My novel is set in1996, a time when the world was less connected and less open than it is now. Paul and Mohini have many common passions – they both love Pondicherry and they both love France. They travel through various cities of Europe and enjoy each other’s company, taking the reader along with them.

This book will appeal to those who have lived in Pondicherry and known its very special ambiance, the places and people will all seem familiar. Any Indian who has lived even for a short while in Europe will understand what lies between the lines. But everyone will understand that the “Bridge” in the title refers to many bridges, although there is only one physical bridge in the story.

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