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Luck by Chance

This film was made way back in 2009 but it still remains a delightful film to watch. Having recently seen an interview with Zoya Akhtar on youtube I was very curious to see her work and particularly Luck by Chance, … finish reading Luck by Chance

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This is a film which has touched me deeply and writing about it will be easy. It shows us in clear light the dark side of life in India. It is as if a thief has been dragged out of … finish reading Masaan

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Book Review: Manik and I – My life with Satyajit Ray by Bijoya Ray

We must all collectively thank Bijoya Ray for putting into words her priceless memories. Every Ray fan wants to know what he was like as a man. There is nothing so fascinating as the little details of his outward life … finish reading Book Review: Manik and I – My life with Satyajit Ray by Bijoya Ray

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Commonwealth Games

Since the Olympic Games happened only 2 years ago in London the Commonwealth Games which took place in Glasgow, again in the UK, looked like a miniature version of it. The hero of the Olympiad, Usain Bolt, was there once … finish reading Commonwealth Games

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Trip to Canterbury

For years I had been talking about Canterbury to my students and telling them what an important role this cathedral had played in the history of English literature. So it was inevitable that one day or the other I would … finish reading Trip to Canterbury

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Mudra Motifs

The Auroville Film Festival has just ended and a new interest has been created for documentary films. I was invited by Arnab B.Chowdhury to watch some of the films. He has taken the first steps into film-making, taking with him … finish reading Mudra Motifs

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Richard Burton

The coincidence is amazing. Just after I had watched the BBC film on Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor’s relationship while they were acting in Noel Coward’s ‘Private Lives’, I found the newly published book ‘The Richard Burton Diaries’. For all … finish reading Richard Burton

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Private Lives by Noel Coward

This is a play I had wanted to see for a long time so I grabbed the opportunity as soon as I saw the posters. We went to watch this play when the preview shows were being held, a week … finish reading Private Lives by Noel Coward

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Satyajit Ray’s ‘Abhijan’

I have just watched Satyajit Ray’s early film Abhijan and am still under the spell of the Master. The story is about a taxi driver who is of rajput origins and who now lives in poverty. He owns an old … finish reading Satyajit Ray’s ‘Abhijan’

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Pondicherry Lit Fest

When they announced that there was going to be a Lit Fest in Pondicherry it was met with some scepticism. A friend of mine told me that the person who was behind this project had never done anything like this … finish reading Pondicherry Lit Fest

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Film review: The Japanese Wife

The first thing that I would like to say is that this is not a funny film. There is nothing funny about a man and a woman who can not see the one they love. It is unbearably sad. Only … finish reading Film review: The Japanese Wife

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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Watching the curious case of Benjamin Button, I can’t help exclaiming to myself “What a fantastic actor Brad Pitt is.” Some months back, while flicking through the channels on television, I chanced on this film. When I started watching it … finish reading The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

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A New Year begins

What a way to start the New Near! The cyclone that raged through the night of the 30th kept us awake much of that night. It was much more terrifying than the one we had experienced in November 2000. In … finish reading A New Year begins

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Exhibition of paintings

We are in full phase of preparation for the upcoming exhibition of Giles’ paintings. The pictures can be roughly divided into four sections – Japan, India, France and scenes from the imagination. The paintings which show Japan are a reminder … finish reading Exhibition of paintings

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Alexandra David-Neel

What a week this has been! I have been on the sets of the of the forthcoming film based on the life of Alexandra David-Neel. The role of the traveller, writer and seeker of Truth is being played by Dominique … finish reading Alexandra David-Neel

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London Views

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This time I came to London with Qatar Airways. It was clearly a change from the journey which I used to make earlier with Srilankan, passing through Colombo. Instead of the lush green coconut trees which I could see all … finish reading Doha

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London City Airport

Last weekend we went to Scotland. We were at the London City Airport on Friday evening. It was the second time we were taking a flight out of this small but comfortable airport. The DLR stop is just yards away … finish reading London City Airport

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We landed in Paris on the 27th February and went straight to Hotel Tourisme. It’s a quiet little hotel, almost invisible from the road, in the 15th Arrondisement just a few steps from the metro station Motte Picquet-Grenelle. We were … finish reading Paris

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Hampstead, London

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